Karachi, The significance of instilling patriotism in the youth and recognizing freedom as a profound blessing was the focal point of remarks made by Muhammad Saleem Khan, the Director General of Public Relations, Information Department, Government of Sindh. During a function held in honor of Independence Day, Khan emphasized the critical need for the younger generation to understand and appreciate the value of their nation’s freedom.

According to Sindh Governor House, the event, organized by NCR-CET College, saw prominent figures such as Director NCR Ghulam Mehmood and Chief Editor of National Courier Anil Ahmad Usmani in attendance. Khan articulated the struggles faced by stateless societies, drawing a stark comparison to emphasize the fortune of living in a sovereign nation. He shared insights on the historical significance of March 23, 1940, a date marking the pivotal resolution that led to Pakistan’s establishment under the leadership of Muhammad Ali Jinnah within a mere seven years.

The Director General also praised the students for their spirited participation in the day’s activities, including speeches and national songs that reflected their commitment to contributing to their country’s future prosperity. However, he noted a concerning decline in such patriotic expressions among educational institutions compared to two decades ago. Khan called for a revitalization of these practices, highlighting their role not only in fostering national pride but also in the holistic development of students.

The event also featured a quiz competition with Khan distributing awards to the winners, further symbolizing the encouragement of academic and patriotic endeavors among the youth. In a gesture of mutual recognition, NCR-CET Director Ghulam Muhammad presented Khan with a commemorative shield, and the national flag was ceremoniously hoisted, marking the celebration of independence and the shared resolve to nurture patriotism in future generations.

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